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RDF FEED, LIVESTOCK & FOODS, INC. (RDFFLFI) is a medium scale, agri-food system enterprise that has a unique integrated food supply chain which includes manufacturing, commercial livestock (poultry and swine) production, fresh, processed and cooked meats, distribution and retailing, restaurants and coffee shop business.

RDFFLFI was formed through the merging of 4 key companies namely: RED DRAGON FARMS, E-PIG, LODESTART FEED MILL AND VETERINARY PRODUCTS and RDF MEATSHOP, INC in October of 2012.


RDFFLFI is a ‘COCO’ or Company Owned and Company Operated enterprise, which means all products – from feeds, to livestock, to quality processed meats – undergo a seamless critical process with no to minimum outside source association. This feat makes us unique from other food enterprises, exactly the reason why we deliver only the best quality fresh meat on a daily basis.


The first Fresh Options® Meatshop opened in Angeles City, Pampanga on April 1, 2005. Since then, increasing number of branches have been established to cater to patrons in Luzon. So far, Fresh Options has over 180 stand-alone branches. With the rise of demand for quality and fresh meat, Fresh Options is set to cater a wider service for everyone.

What we serve in our stores is more than just fresh pork, chicken, and beef. It is the result of our investment in paradigm-shifting technologies, years of research and animal healthcare, humane treatment of animals, world-class processing of meat, and high standards of packing and delivery. It is the result of our passion for quality and our obsession with every last detail, leaving nothing to chance. 

Fresh Options® not only offers you the freshest meat but also saves you the hassle. Our priority is keeping our products safe so that our customers can worry less about the quality of their food. And now we have gone online to serve you in the safest way possible. Thank you for visiting our website and enjoy shopping at our online store. Sit back, relax and wait for us to serve freshness right at your doorsteps. #LetsMEATatHOME






Total Customer Satisfaction at All Times!

We are recognized as the preferred brand of Quality Meat and Meat Products - offering great value through fresh, delicious, safe and high quality selections, and an exceptional service. We are the fastest growing Meat Shop with an Established Market Presence to Different Strategic Locations in the Country!



We offer great products combined with a unique retail atmosphere & excellent service. We  will always try to do more in pursuit of total customer satisfaction!

We will bring the most distinctive and innovative meat products while maintaining the strictest quality and food safety standards.

We will consolidate our market positioning through the growth of our customer portfolio, offering customized service and anticipating their demands.



Our core values define who we are as an organization. They serve as our foundation on how we perform our work and how we work together as a team to accomplish our goals. There is no other fitting acronym to describe our set of core values.


Total Quality and Excellence - We create value-adding solutions and continuously upgrade business standards and are driven to transform RDF into a top-of-the-line business organization.

Responsibility and Accountability – We deliver our commitments and accept the responsibilities of our actions.

Integrity of Character – We conduct ourselves with honesty and fairness even when no one is watching.

Unity in Diversity – We work with synergy and teamwork. Each of us bring unique contributions and important expertise to the team.

Mindset of an Entrepreneur – We love our company! We take responsibility for its success.

Pioneering and Innovative – We seize the opportunity to be the prime mover and set new standards of excellence in our industry. We are committed to redefine infinite possibilities for RDF’s future business growth.

Heart of True Service – We are committed to go the extra mile to serve and delight our customers AT ALL TIMES.










Aside from serving quality meat from our Fresh Options® outlets, we also offer other services to best complement your experience with us. 



1-2 days delivery from the nearest outlet in your area. Just order from this website and experience freshness right at your doorstep.



Whenever you visit, call, or order online. You have the freedom to have your fresh meat cut the way you want it. Fresh Options® will provide you with free meat cutting so that you can save the trouble of portioning them at home. Enjoy this free service with every avail.



Good news for busy customers! We provide free meal heating with any purchase of our ready-to-heat meals for walk-ins in selected branches. You can enjoy freshness anytime, anywhere.