Innovation at 6th Meralco Luminaries | Fresh Options

Chairman and CEO Dr. Robert Lo (center) flanked by the RDFFLFI Board of Directors

Innovation and quality are the two attributes that can make or break any commercial enterprise.  For RDF Feed, Livestock & Foods, Inc. (RDFFLFI), these same attributes have catapulted their agri-food business into what it is today.   RDFFLFI is the leading company-owned and company-operated (CO-CO) agri-food system enterprise in the Philippines. Unlike other meat distributors, RDFFLFI breeds and processes its own livestock, runs its own feed mills, stores and distributes meat products, and operates retail outlets and restaurants to make their foodstuff readily available to the market.  

To ensure that its extensive network runs smoothly, RDFFLFI has streamlined its operations to include advanced technology and solutions. In fact, according to the president and chief executive officer Dr. Robert Lo, the company employs about five to six consultants who propose the best food technologies and methods. In addition to this, the company is staffed with a strong research and development team who are encouraged to think out-of-the-box.

“Our passion to innovate and make things better has propelled our position in the market.     RDF customers have very exacting demands and it is our job to not only meet but exceed our markets’ needs,” said RDFFLFI president and CEO Dr. Robert Lo.

“We make it a point to benchmark against international brands and observe if there are certain food systems we can adopt here. But, we don’t just adopt the technology, we always seek to improve its use in our systems, So far, the technologies and procedures we have applied here fared exceedingly well,” he added.    

With this corporate mindset, it is no wonder that RDFFLFI was recognized for its pioneering spirit and drive for excellence to make things better, brighter and richer for the people at the 6th Meralco Luminaries Awards.

The award underscores the company’s resilience and ability to thrive despite the challenges faced in the industry.  It also highlighted RDFFLFI’s adeptness in optimizing energy resources in an efficient manner.

“We are honored to be given this recognition as it is a testament to the company’s passion for excellence in ensuring safe and fresh meats for our consumers. Through this award, consumers are doubly assured that the meat processed at our facilities are climate controlled, clean, safe, and still fresh when they receive it,” said Dr. Lo.

From its humble beginnings of producing and selling quail eggs 28 years ago to full-scale commercial feed and livestock production, fresh and processed meat retail operations, and restaurant and food delivery service, RDF has proven that it is poised to capture a bigger share of the agri-food systems market.

With bold visionaries like Dr. Lo at the helm and his 1,800-strong staff following his lead, it should be no surprise if RDFFLFI introduces another novel food and food delivery concept that will make high-quality food more accessible to Filipinos.