RDF's Continual work on innovation

RDF Feed, Livestock & Foods, Inc. Is an integrated agri-foods system company business. Founded in 1988 by Dr. Robert Lo. It is continuously expanding due to the demand and quality of its product. RDF never stops finding ways to take every opportunity that it can take to innovate and improve in all process of production and on its outputs.

RDF is a company owned and company operated (CO-CO) business. It caters all steps in production, starting from the feed production, livestock farming, meat processing, retail and restaurant operation including logistics and other relevant service. It follows strict compliance in the cold chain process to maintain the safety and quality of meats that are delivered on each RDF sub business, namely; Fresh Options, Robertos, Meats and Match, Hot Kitchen and Balanghai.

For more than 3 decades of research and experience, RDF had established its name in agricultural, food and restaurant business, bringing-out the best for its consumer and always improving to do better.

RDF is continually striving and looking for ways where it can serve the market with the highest quality of products.  Through the help of research, the innovation and creation of ideas are always updated.

Dr. Lo is always aggressive in wanting to improve and produce better. He also asks for some people’s help with their line of expertise about ways on how to level up in the business and on the products.

RDF is committed to always innovate, improve and invent ways to be better. The research and development team never stops in aiming the best and do better.

In- line with this initiative for innovation Fresh Options, one of the sub business of RDF, made a partnership with the top Chefs in the Philippines, namely; Chef JP Anglo, Ms. Nancy Reyes-Lumen, Chef Anton Amoncio and Chef Myke “Tatum” Sarthou. They had first released the first batch of viands last January 2017 and now, RDF is proud to launch the new young chef of Chef Series Recipes this January 2019. They have 3 additional pasta recipes from young Filipino Chef.


RDF is highly committed in providing variety and unique products for our customers. In line with our Chef Series brand, where we collaborated with well-known chefs in the Philippines, we created “Young Chef Series” where we teamed up with new budding Chefs to continuously provide our consumers with quality and premium products. Launching this Series will also help encourage young emerging chefs to continue pursuing their dreams. This is how RDF acknowledges young chefs who have the qualities, talent and the passion to create a mark in the culinary industry. 

RDF owns several farm to table businesses and these are Fresh Options it’s one and only meatshop catering different kinds of foods from fresh meats, value added products and ready-to-heat meals.


Well, I am an aspiring chef whose dream is to touch people’s lives by cooking. Like creating a connection and to inspire and make people happy with my creations.  I grew up in a family where everyone cooks.  So growing up my dad basically taught me how to cook because, you know, I’m a girl. And girls should know how to cook. A typical Filipino custom.  When I was 12, I spent my summer over at my Aunt’s place. As usual I would help out in the kitchen and there was this time when I helped my Uncle cook dinner for everyone. He was a Chef and I was very curious and I wanted to learn. That summer break I would help him out every time he cooks. My uncle would teach me proper cooking techniques and culinary terminologies. I was so amazed at how it was not “just cooking” but it’s a skill, hard work and passion. After that summer vacation I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. When I went to Pampanga to finally study culinary I was so happy I wanted to do so good. And I did! It was the best year of my life. And now I am here. I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity to create these variants with Fresh Options’ Young Chef’s Series.


I have always been so fascinated with pasta, most especially freshly made ones. It’s something you’ll truly appreciate when you know how much hard work was put into making just one certain pasta type/dish. When I was asked what I wanted to create for the Chef Series line I immediately said PASTA and created 3 different variants to suit each and everyone’s  cravings.


Hungarian Linguine was inspired out of the idea that most people prefer white sauces. The mixture of herbs and flavors from the Hungarian Sausage makes this creamy pasta dish an instant favorite.  

Oriental Chicken Pasta was inspired from Asian Stir Fried noodles. This is also to make a point that we are not limited with traditional flavors when it comes to cooking pasta. A fun and different way on enjoying Asian Stir Fry.

For the last variant,Mexican Fajita Pasta,  I wanted to create a tomato based sauce whilst making sure that it is something unusual and new. A different spin on Mexican Fajitas (because Mexican fajita is my favorite!).  The usual fajitas vegetables, marinated chicken and the tomato based sauce, which I created to mimic a tomato salsa, makes this pasta dish so unique and a different way to appease your Mexican cravings.


Young Chef Series aims to give opportunity to our young aspiring talented chefs to showcase their expertise through offering  specialized dishes to our valued customers.