Fresh Options Meatshop: The Home of Fresh-Chilled Chicken

Filipinos love chicken. It’s affordable, healthy, and it’s everywhere. But with the country’s recent Avian Flu outbreak, consumers now carefully seek for assurance when it comes to their chicken purchases. That’s why Fresh Options provides and ensures fresh, safe, and high-quality chicken for meticulous homemakers and business owners who want to serve the best dishes to their loved ones and clients. Unlike other meat vendors who source chicken from contract growers or household backyards, Fresh Options features only the best home-grown chicken from company-owned farms, fed with their own high-quality feeds from their own feedmill, dressed in AAA-accredited dressing plants, processed under strict compliance to ensure freshness and safety, and  distributed to stores through their own logistics system. All of these processes happen in less than 24 hours. Truly, Fresh Options is now ready to be hailed as the home of fresh-chilled chicken.

Fresh Options, being under a company-owned and company-operated (COCO) organization– from farms to its stores – proves its advantage when it comes to controlling its high standards in quality. Since they don’t rely on contract growers and franchisers, no part of its integrated system is monitored. The farms are regularly checked by qualified veterinarians who assure natural growth processes and that no artificial growth additives are introduced to the animals, making Fresh Options chicken National Meat Inspection Services (NMIS) approved and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certified. Having no third parties involved, Fresh Options is able to execute everyday fresh delivery of chicken to its stores.

With Fresh Options’ fresh-chilled chicken, freshness is maintained and bacterial growth is minimized. It is proven to be juicier, tastier, and more tender and flavorful as its natural juices are still intact. Unlike frozen ones, fresh-chilled chickens are able to hold in flavors when being cooked since the meat fibers are still unscathed and has not been damaged from thawing, thereby minimizing the cooking loss.

Fresh Options chicken is a product of RDF Feed, Livestock, and Foods, Inc. (RDFFLFI), a medium-scale enterprise owned and managed by expert veterinarians led by Dr. Robert H. Lo, a University of The Philippines Most Outstanding Alumni awardee in the field of Veterinary Medicine. RDFFLFI is involved in the entire food supply chain. It prides itself with its integrated company set-up, from feed manufacturing to commercial livestock, fresh, processed, and cooked meat production, distributions and retailing, and restaurant business. All critical phases of this integrated operation are company-owned and company-operated.

RDFFLFI is also an innovator when it comes to product offerings. Fresh Options’ farm-to-table brand architecture provides a wide range of options that are based on the ever-changing consumer lifestyle. Moreover, its heavy investments in R&D and modern technology, coupled with high-quality control from raising animals to final products and good manufacturing practices, had also given them the adequacy to ensure consumers that their livestock and final products are in best of health and of the highest quality, respectively.

Fresh Options has more than 180 stores scattered across Central Luzon, Northern Luzon, Metro Manila, and CALABARZON where consumers can buy fresh-chilled chicken and enjoy it with their families at the comfort of their homes.