Experience the Fresh Options Difference With Our Store Locations Near You

Looking for an accessible and convenient place to shop for High-quality fresh meats, ready-to-cook, ready-to-heat, vegetables, condiments & other cooking ingredients? Worry no more because Fresh Options store locations are now near you!


Our stores provide everything you need to make delicious home-cooked meals. Stop by today and see what we have to offer!


Fresh Options has conveniently placed store locations that offer a unique shopping experience. Keep reading to learn more about what makes these stores unique and why you will love them!


Giving You Easier Access To Meat Products

We are about making life better, one Fresh Option store at a time. We have carefully placed stores in popular neighborhoods with many customers.


You can rely on our stores to provide meat products to save you money on delivery fees and online transactions. You can also find better bargains offline than online, but the quality is still superb and uncompromised.


You can find us by searching "Fresh Options" near your home or work. We want this part of your day or week to be as easy as possible.


Our store representatives will help and guide you to the most excellent offers and specific items you need. If you are a new cook or want to attempt to make new dishes, our team can offer advice.


The difference between getting your meat at our store as compared to our online meat shop is that you can personally pick in real-time what you prefer. You can also save time by not scrolling through your phone or computer. This also reaches out to those people who are not as good when it comes to doing online transactions.


Our mission is to exceed your expectations with excellent service. Fresh Options wants convenient online and in-store access.


Knowing the Benefits of Having Store Locations in Busy Areas


With more consumers shopping in-person than online, physical locations are essential. Fresh Options has a retail outlet in addition to an online meat shop.


Fresh Options wants to help you with grocery shopping. Our stores replenish new supplies daily, and as a bonus, we interact with you regularly.


Here are two customer benefits of Fresh Options' strategically positioned stores.


You See Other Customers That Encourage You To Buy

Fresh Options locations welcome everyone. As a customer, you are intrigued by other shoppers. Due to our good site, many people can see and trust our brand even more.


Seeing our store and the other customers who are having fun shopping is your sign to visit the nearest Fresh Options retail store in your area.


Our shop wants to solve your problems and create a good relationship with you. You can meet other buyers and our helpful staff.


We understand that we can help individuals and families get the supplies and ingredients they need for everyday meals. Having our store locations near you is one way to build that trust and our chance to show how much we care for you.


Great Opportunities for Quality Selections and a Chance to Handpick Items

Many of us like to see items before buying them. Checking a product before buying is essential and will not do any harm.


Our physical store lets you select your favorites like grocery shopping. You can also find discounts, in-store-only items, and other products that might be sold online.


Visiting our locations lets you see the products in person and choose what is best for you. Fresh Options stores can improve ties with suppliers and customers in these ways.



Discovering Fresh Options' Store Locations

Shopping for essentials is best done physically and when a store is nearby. You will be able to have more time to spend on the other things that matter most in your life.


Fresh Options always thinks of your well-being and your convenience. We want to help you get all the items you need in a store that provides you with just that and even more. We are a one-stop shop for all your grocery and meat needs, so you will be able to create your meals for your family with less hassle and more time to spare.


Our store locations are available in many areas nationwide. We have stores in Metro Manila, Luzon Provinces, and other regions of the country.


Our physical stores are not just limited to those who want to do their meat shopping outside but also those who wish to skip the travel and do online shopping instead.


We offer same-day delivery, and if your area has a Fresh Options store, we can cater to your needs immediately. The store locations cater to both online and physical shopping.


No matter what you prefer, you will be given superior service and attentive care. Get the peace of mind you deserve when you transact with Fresh Options. We are here for you! Whether shopping online or in-store, our service will always treat you best.


You can check out which Fresh Options store is near you through our Facebook account. 


You can get a list of your preferred store location by checking the album: "Fresh Options' Store Locations."


Store Locations in Metro Manila

  • Caloocan City (Vicas, Morning Breeze, Deparo)
  • Makati City (Palanan)
  • Malabon City (Gen Luna, Concepcion)
  • Muntinlupa City (Tunasan, Mabini)
  • Las Pinas City (BF Resort Drive, Philam Life Village)
  • Paranaque City (Severina, Sun Valley)
  • Sampaloc, City of Manila (Trabajo Market)
  • Quezon City (Fairview, Galas, Panay, Regalado, White Plains, Holy Spirit, JC Plaza, Project 6, Visayas Ave., North Olympus, Suki Mart, Del Monte Frisco)
  • Valenzuela City (Malinta, Paso De Blas)


Outside of Metro Manila Store Locations

  • Pampanga (20 towns)
  • Bataan (5 towns)
  • Tarlac (6 Towns)
  • Laguna (6 Towns)
  • Bulacan (5 Towns)
  • Olongapo (7 towns)
  • Cavite (8 Towns)
  • Zambales (6 towns)
  • Cagayan (7 towns)
  • Pangasinan (3 towns)
  • Rizal (Cainta)


Reach out to us and check out our products on our website. For a more exact location address and store area description, kindly check the Facebook album for Fresh Options' Store Locations and their Facebook page. 


Trust the Dependable Meat Shop for All Your Needs

Fresh Options is the perfect place for you if you want a unique and new grocery store experience. With locations in and out of Metro Manila, we offer various services and products that will satisfy your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our stores and what we offer!


Our locations offer everything from local produce to specialty items. With so many options, you are sure to find something that meets your needs at Fresh Options. Visit one of our locations today and see what makes Fresh Options unique!