School is back in session! Children in schools have it tough nowadays and this can take toll on their health. Aside from grueling subjects that can tire the mind, school children actively take part in extra-curricular activities such as sports after class. They’re usually both physically and mentally exhausted after a day at school.

It's very important for a child to be well fed while in school. Short-term hunger, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), can adversely affect his or her ability to learn. Furthermore, micronutrient deficiency can hinder physical and cognitive development and lessen productivity. These can be prevented if a child is properly nourished. The right healthy food can eventually replenish the energy lost throughout the day.

At home, parents can easily track what their children are eating. The problem now lies when they are in school, where children spend more and more hours these days and may be vulnerable to eating unhealthy food. Schoolchildren, being the kids that they are, are normally picky eaters and would prefer junk foods, fried foods, and salty or sweet foods over vegetables, fruits and other healthy foods.

Fortunately, parents can ensure that their children eat the right food by giving them homemade packed meals – or what is called baon. Packing our child’s baon is a great way to ensure that he or she is getting a nutritious, well-balanced meal that includes low-fat dairy foods, fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean proteins. As mothers, the struggle is all too real when it comes to preparing baon for our kids. The biggest challenge is creating a menu that will cater to their preference, and at the same time, making sure that it is healthy and balanced. It can also be especially stressful when it comes to planning, preparing and packing up the kiddos’ baon day after day.

As a working mom, I always resort to ready-to-cook and easy-to-prepare food items for the baon of my kids.  One weekend, I chanced upon Kiddie Goodie products at Fresh Options Meatshop near our village. These are chicken drumettes, chicken nuggets, hotdogs, burger patties, just to name a few, which are considered all-time favorites of kids.  Inspired by those colorful and appetizing bento box meals on Pinterest, I came up with my own creations using Kiddie Goodie products.  I   rotate these protein-rich food items for the entire month and add some veggies and slices of fruits like banana, apple, or orange.  With Kiddie Goodie products made from fresh and high quality meats, preparing baon is a walk in the park; and mothers, like me, now have the peace of mind that the meals we provide are safe and healthy.  I believe my kids will feel how much love each bento meal is packed with!