A Simple Yet Special At-Home Valentine’s Day Celebration With Fresh Options

A Simple Yet Special At-Home Valentine’s Day Celebration With Fresh Options

It is the season of love again! Thinking of new ways of celebrating with the ones you love can be challenging and stressful. You might have even run out of gimmicks for romantic activities on your list. But no need to worry because Valentine's Day is about making simple celebrations special. 

We are in our second year into the pandemic, and many of us are thinking of spending this special day at home. Now is the perfect time to put together a romantic atmosphere in the comfort and safety of your own space.

Although there are many things you can do to celebrate Valentine's day at home, you do not have to try hard to make it extravagant. Simply spending time or doing something special for them is already one step closer to making your ultimate at-home Valentine's Day festivities a success.

Make The Day Special Through Acts of Love

Gift-giving is one of our traditions when celebrating Valentine’s Day. If you want to participate in this, you can create personalized presents or handmade gifts. There is no need to spend too much on it. What matters is that it is well-thought-of and something that touches their heart. 

Another option is to recreate your first date and elevate it by preparing a romantic steak dinner for two. Fresh Options offers a wide range of meat products and fresh beef selections, like steaks, for you to choose from. 

There is no need to go outside for a quick grocery run. With just a simple tap and swipe on your phone, you can conveniently get the best meat quality. This online meat shop provides excellent customer service and guaranteed fast delivery.

With this, cooking for two or the whole family is possible and easy. Fresh Options is here to give you the freshest meat and recipes available on their website. So you can show your love for your family through delicious and irresistible meals you can prepare. We are sure that nothing beats a home-cooked meal made with love.

Preparing for the Steak Dinner: Cooking it The Best Way

We know that preparing meals is a tedious task. So we are here to help! Read through and follow these three (3) easy steps for a simple, uncomplicated steak with a beautiful and crisp crust and juicy center. With this fail-proof procedure, you can achieve a perfectly cooked steak that will end up with a tender and buttery flavor cooked to your liking every time.

  1. Choose Your Preferred Steak Cut

Head on to the website of Fresh Options, go to the shop tab and select the Beef category. You will find a selection of fresh and delectable pieces of steak you can pick. 

There is the Prime Rib Steak that is only Php 799.75 per kilo. It is a slice of incredibly flavorful and tender meat. You can also find the Prime Rib Eye Steak for only Php 899.75 per kilo. This cut of steak has a fantastic marbling texture that has the right amount of fat for a tasty and tender bite. 

You may also choose the Porterhouse Steak, which costs Php 869.75 per kilo. This steak cut has a lower fat content and a significant portion of filet meat. Lastly, you can get the T-bone Steaksimilar to the Porterhouse but smaller, that you can get for just Php 839.75 per kilo. After you have decided on your preferred steak cut, add it to the cart, check out, and proceed with the following steps.

  1. Season Your Steak Well

Salt your steak at any length of time that you prefer. But if you have limited time, the best option is to salt it for 30 minutes. Once seasoned, prepare your pan and make sure that it is hot enough to make that beautiful searing. 

  1. Cook it Quickly but Thoroughly 

A hot pan is essential to make sure that you have a nice crust on your steak. Searing it will leave your steak with a beautiful exterior. There’s no need to add any oil. Just keep the steak moving by flipping it every minute. When you are halfway through the cooking process, add a few tablespoons of butter and other herbs you want to use. 

Afterward, you can baste the steak using melted butter to cook it evenly. You can use a timer for at least 2 minutes per side if you want a medium-rare steak or use a food thermometer. Feel free to adjust depending on your desired doneness. 

Lastly, make sure to rest your steak to ensure that the flavor is well-kept inside. Once ready, plate it and serve. Voila! You have a delicious steak perfect for this Heart's Day occasion. 

Appreciate the Little Things that Matter 

There is no need for a grand gesture to show how much you appreciate the ones you love. Whether it may be for a significant other, for your parents, or any member of the family, a simple act of love like cooking a delicious meal can make a lasting impact.   

Valentine's Day, just like any other day, is about appreciating the little things and seeing the glimmer in your loved ones' eyes, their ear-to-ear smile, and how their face lights up. This is how we truly celebrate love for each other.

Enjoy a Romantic Evening with Fresh Options

Fresh Options appreciates and understands the great impact of the little things. So this Valentine's Day, we want to help you have a simple yet significant occasion. Visit our website, so you can prepare delicious meals and steak nights whenever you wish. 

Look no further or think any harder about the plans you could do to make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable and extraordinary. Preparing heartfelt and delicious meals using Fresh Options' wide range of meat products and food items can surely make this occasion a truly memorable one!